Probabilities of Compound Events | Independent Events

This math help video covers algebra 1 level probabilities of independent compound events. The definition of independent compound events is covered, as well as how to find said probabilities of independent compound events.


How to Find and Use Experimental Probability | Experimental Probability

In this math help video, I define and discuss experimental probability. The first two examples model how to use data that has been collected to find the experimental probability. The last two examples examine how to use experimental probability to predict the outcome of a larger sample space. Both of these examples deal with manufacturing of goods.

How to Find and Use Theoretical Probability

In this video, I define theoretical probability and model how to find the theoretical probabilities for different situations. If you have any questions, use the comments sections. Also, feel free to leave a comment if this video algebra 1 lesson helped you.

Finding the Proability of Multiple Events

Finding the probability of multiple events. Requires one to have a knowledge of simple probabilities. Below you will find a video lesson that defines independent events, dependent events, mutually exclusive events and inclusive events. Along with defining these types of events, how to find the probability of these types of events.

Probability – Theoretical and Experimental

This video defines and uses both experimental and theoretical probabilities.

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