Art Meets Geometry – Two Point Perspective Drawing

Mr. Pi's Two Point Perspective "My Perspective of a Box"

"My Perspective of a Box"

Here is a drawing I did to show to my High School Geometry classes. At the time of this post, the class is starting a unit on 3-Dimensional shapes. Prior to this chapter, most of our work has been in a single plane. Learning how to draw simple 3-D shapes in both one point and two point perspective makes the transition to working with intersecting planes smoother for some students. Other students would do just as well without actually making the drawings. The image to the right is my little sketch after I drew my box. Be sure to click the image to see it in full size. Below is a picture I drew back in 2008 sometime.

How to Draw a Box in Two-Point Perspective:

  1. On a sheet of paper, draw horizontal line the entire length of a sheet of paper, place one point to the left of center and one point the right of center. Preferably closer to the side of the paper.
  2. Draw a vertical line of about 1 inch long above or below the box. The bigger the vertical line, the bigger the box.
  3. Draw light line segments connecting each end of the vertical line to both points. You should draw 4 line segments in this step.
  4. Draw two vertical segments, one on each side of the first vertical segment.
  5. Connect the new vertical segments two the vanishing points. You should draw four line segments for this step.
  6. Clean up the unnecessary lines and used dashed segments for the hidden edges.

Mr. Pi's Double Two Point Perspective

Mr. Pi's Double Two Point Perspective

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