Meta Congition Assignment

Below is a bonus assignment that I post on my fan page on facebook. At the time of this post, I have 32 fans and about 6 of them are family and friends, so I have about 26 student fans. I received four completed assignments. It is good for me because I have less to read over, but not good for the students because not all students “have a facebook” . So, if you are a student without a facebook and want to complete this assignment then here is your chance. It is due Thursday, March 25, 2010.

This is designed to get you thinking about your thinking.

Part 1 – Google search –> “thinking about how you think” meta cognition and read up on meta cognition
Be sure to use the quotes when you google search.

Part 2 – Go to this link and read the post

Part 3 – Respond to following questions:

How will using an instructional tool like a pretest help me prepare for the exam? How will the using the pretest hurt me in the long run?
How does this information help my teacher help me?

If you are in algebra 2, respond to this question: Do I really need a pretest to help me prepare for a test?

If you are in geometry, Do you think this pretest is a good or a bad idea? Explain why.

You can email me at school address or you can type it up for me and turn it in on Monday, March 22, 2010. You must answer all the questions with at least one sentence. Not using a sentence means you will receive credit.

Do not ask me what my school email address, I will not put that on facebook. I do not want any school information shared on facebook.


Mr. Pi

Look for an upcoming article on my thoughts on bonus work.

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