Chapter 6 Geometry Practice Test Answer Key

This post is for my geometry students. Below is the link to the Chapter 6 Practice Test and answer key. Remember, chapter 6 was all about quadrilaterals.

Feel free to post a comment to ask me a question.

Chapter 6 Practice Test – Quadrilaterals


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  1. I am kind of bummed that none of my students visited my blog today. It is sort of early, but not really. Oh well.

    • mr P i forgot my answer key at school and when i downloaded it from this link its not opening and im not sure what to do!

      • Pierre, It is a pdf file. All you should have to do is click on the link. Email me at school to give me your email and I can email it to you.

  2. because im having a problem with number 17…i put the diagonals for the kite which made a triangle with a 90 deg. angle and the 80 deg angle is bisected so now its 40 degs…. and 180-(90+40)= 50…50 degs. is half of angle T so i multiplied it by 2 and i got a 100 and this is not one of the choices…

    • Pierre,

      Angle S = 80, angle R= 130, angle U (opposite angle S) will be 80. Since a kite is a quadrilateral, the sum of the measures of the interior angles is 360. Thus to find measure of angle T

      360 – (80 + 80 + 130)

      I hope this helps. Again, email me and I will email you the file.

      Try this link. The answer key is at the end of the document.

  3. yea…i get it now…but when i click on the link it downloads the file but it doesnt work on any software that i have!…what do u use to open it?

    • Adobe Reader 9.3

      It is free, I use it. We have it at school. Download and install.

      When I click the link, the document opens up right in my web browser. I use firefox? I am sure I have a plug in that opens it up in my web browser. Did save it to you hard drive? Could have you opened it instead of saving it? What web browser do you use?

      • i used to have firefox all but since i upgraded to win7 now im using chrome but ill download firefox now…thanks!

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